February 11, 2009

You think you know reality? What is reality?
The Earth spins on its axis, turning makes the days.
How long will it go? Do you know?
Some people scuttle about; ants, working through their busy schedules day after day.
Every day's the same.
But ants accomplish something, what do these people accomplish?
Others wait. Take their time. Tomorrow's good. I have my whole life, don't I?
Maybe they want to take action. But they don't.
Statistics are reality.
People die every day.
Is that what you want to be, just another statistic?
I don't.
Do you want the earth to keep your footprint, cherishing it forever?
Do you want to be free from the blood, the scars, from the souls you could have helped?
Don't let me be hypocritical; however, I'm the same way.
It doesn't take much, because, statistically, if we all focused on what really mattered
Then the world would be a whole new place. For every living thing, for every precious thing.
Life really isn't long.
What you may think is long, may be, in reality, just the blink of an eye.
But that's o.k.; we don't want it to last forever. Do we?
Tomorrow, the clock may stop.
Don't leave this Earth
Without setting your footprint in stone.

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