I Don't Understand...

February 11, 2009
By Kate Hammond BRONZE, Orange, California
Kate Hammond BRONZE, Orange, California
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Why guys just want one thing out of girls
Why there is evil in the world
Why people lie

Why you still fail a test after pulling an all-nighter
Why parents get divorced after sharing their vows
Why friends stab you in the back

Why people judge others
Why people are scared to talk about religion in our society
Why people commit suicide, nonetheless, think about it

Why diseases exist
Why teenagers choose to have unprotected sex
Why drugs and alcohol are abused

Why people are rejected just because of their race, sex, or ethnicity
Why girls have to wear make-up and provacative clothing in order to feel they look good
Why people tease others for being different

No matter what goes on in your life, you are who you choose to be, and no one can change that for you.

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