Invisible Winds

February 11, 2009
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Each year throughout the woods wind has slowly crept
Through all of the leaves and trees
Inside each breeze has coldly wept
There's a great hate that no one sees

The wind became progressively worse
Suspisions In trees began to rise
The wind began to show an evil curse
The trees would have done something if they were wise

Oh but now it's way to late
The winds an angry storm
It's going to let out dangerous hate
The storm wants to leave with the leaves torn

I heard no thunder but saw lightining
Trees tried to keep their leaves attached
Leaves were all over the woods hiding
But I knew some were found and attacked

Boom! I now heard thunder Boom! There it was again
I couldn't believe I felt a sting
I did not deserve to fall victim
I heard thunder once again, but now the woods were quieting

Could it be? The storm was gone?
The sun finally came out to help
But leaves and trees were done
Now it was families turns to deal with the hands they were delt

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