February 11, 2009
By Sjan Bystrom BRONZE, Ashland, Wisconsin
Sjan Bystrom BRONZE, Ashland, Wisconsin
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Life is not fair for those who do not dare.
To live as a man, but to not command.
Living life as a dare inside a lair,
Doing as other want or do demand.

Falling in the abyss, into the dark,
Wearing a smirk, knowing not how to live.
Showing haw to move, but not to the mark,
Meeting people who show you how to give.

Doing things with the ones that you do love,
Is the way to live without the big risk.
Release your inner man and show the dove
To prove that you can fly as far as fisc.

For as much as you show that you can kiss,
It does not matter if you always miss.

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