We once were friends..

February 11, 2009
By megan mateo BRONZE, Roseville, California
megan mateo BRONZE, Roseville, California
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We once were friends
Who played by the ocean all day
We ran and chased and laughed
And got along in every way

Underneath the brightening sun
You had listened to my fears
With backs against the sand
We let go of all our tears

We laid our cares upon the beach
And danced along the ocean
All our worries and pains
Now forgotten in the motion

Our pinkies linked,
We skipped the shore
Our perfect friendship in align
I could have never wanted more
Than this sweet happiness divine

But then the sky began to darken
A storm began to loom
The brightness now put out
By the cloudy drunken gloom

Your hand had still clasped mine
But the wind was just too strong
We had thought we could hold on forever
But both of us were wrong

You were ripped out of my hands
And swallowed up by the black
Your voice no longer graced the air
The ocean sounded its slack

I searched and searched for you
But it was never to any avail
I lost my seaside partner
So no longer do I sail

I stood down overlooking the sea,
Watching the tide come in
Until a sad realization dawned on me..
We would never be friends again

The author's comments:
Losing a close friend inspired me to write this poem. I think everyone can relate to a feeling of loss.

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on Feb. 25 2009 at 12:49 am
iheartvolleyball, North Jersey, New Jersey
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i really like your poem. i love the rhyming scheme but it kind of bothers me that the last stanza does not rhyme even though you probably did it for a reason

otherwise great job =]

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