February 10, 2009
By Forrest Sardis BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
Forrest Sardis BRONZE, Columbia, Missouri
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I am from the earth

cold dark and mysterious.
I am from the rocks
speechless yet full of the knowledge
of a billion years.

I am from the hot
furnaces of hell yet when you touch me
I am cold as death.

I am from a million places but found in only one.

I am from everything ugly yet
I am lucky for I have one
last secret from which only
one thing can unlock.

And that key is the earth with its mighty
furnaces, which glow with a million fires
and have the power to bring out beauty
in everything, even I.

For from this power I become
a gem stronger than steel yet as beautiful
and delicate as a flower.

I become a diamond a gift from
mother nature, which will last forever.

For I was coal, black and ugly yet with
time I too can become a gem more precious
than gold and which no man can resist.

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