February 10, 2009
By Ashley Bower BRONZE, Pinckney, Michigan
Ashley Bower BRONZE, Pinckney, Michigan
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Stars, We gaze up at the unearthly creations of the almighty gods. Such mystery and power just one holds. We close our eyes and make a wish on a falling star. We pray to those who watch us above for riches and love but we ask so things so selfish. They watch us from above choosing those who are worthy and show selflessness.

'I wish for love'

'I wish for fame'

'I wish for riches'

How can we be so selfish as to only wish for ourselves? The stars gaze down at us with shame looking at what this world has become. Wars and pollution we no longer trust one another let alone ourselves. What has happened to hope and faith that has long since flowed over the world in waves of magic? Why have we put up these barriers that stop this overpowering love? Why have we stopped believing?

'It's there fault'

'They are wrong'

What has happed to this world that was once in peace? Why have we separated ourselves into these groups that outcast people who only wish to be loved and welcomed? We are all equal but why have we done this to ourselves. Why have we chosen one person that is equal to god? Why do we take orders from those who say they are higher then us?

Why has this happened?

The stars turn away forgetting all wishes for love, fame, and riches for we have destroyed this world that had long ago held love and magic. We expect them to listen but how can they when we do not even listen to each other.

I stand here in my clearing looking up at the stars that have tears. I look at the moon that wares a frown. I am just a child and I look at the world around. I see things others do not. I see the evil that has taken over, the hate.

I stand here before you and ask you to change all that has been done. But that is impossible for the stupidity of man will never let loose.

Stars, they hold power and wisdom but we have forgotten how to see what lies around us.

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