Dear Boy

February 10, 2009
By secretlyaprincess SILVER, Adfasd, Virginia
secretlyaprincess SILVER, Adfasd, Virginia
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i wanted to tell you
that last night i had a wonderful dream
It was about you and I
We went on a picnic
you held my hand as we walked along the old
beaten path
When I triped you picked me up
When we found the perfect spot
you spread the blanket
and i got the basket
but when we sat down
Nither of us ate
We just sat there
staring into each others
dream filled eyes
We held hands the whole dream
We were always by each others side
nothing could desturb us
and then my eyes flitted open
to the sound of birds outside
i almost cryed at the thought
of losing my dream
our dream
i closed my eyes again
hoping to continue the lovely dream
but dreams are only meant
for night
so i almost gave up
then just before i opened my eyes
i saw your smiling face
now i can rest easy that
you will always share my dreams

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