These Blue Eyes

February 10, 2009
By Anonymous

These Blue Eyes:

These blue eyes,
They leak my tears.
Of my torment
from these past years.
It's so confusing
What occurs in my brain.
I voice no worries
But I can mask no pain.
I know I'm not alone
But I'm different inside.
My screams are not heard
They are in my mind.
But still they mock me.
But still I am hated.
For this eternal rumor,
My fear has become dated.
These blue eyes,
They hide no disguise.
They need only peek
To see their own lies.
But are they lies?
Does anyone know?
Certainly not me.
I wish it would show.
Some kind of omen
Some kind of sign
To show that my fear
Is completely benign.
These blue eyes,
They mask no pain.
These blue eyes,
They wander yet again.
They land on other eyes,
Desperate to see
Who this boy is,
Whatever I may be.
I view it about school
I view it on TVs.
But yet the world
Can't see the forest for the trees.
They cannot contemplate
What I can sustain
This kind of hurt,
This kind of pain.
Am I so different?
Am I different at all?
They do not ask.
They lack no gall.
They spread the words
That affect my brain.
Do they cause the hurt?
Do they cause the pain?
These blue eyes,
They hide no pain.
But still I fear,
And I hide once again.

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