February 10, 2009
By Anonymous

I'm Lost,
Searching, searching,
Blinded in the dark,
Trying to find the light to show me the way,
All Alone.

The whole world is around me,
And yet,
Nobody knows I'm here.
I'm invisible,
Without a trace to be found.

I'm Confused,
Unable to tell up from down,
Left from right.
Am I going forward to the future,
Or back to where I began?

I'm Afraid,
Not knowing,
If I can keep going.
Will this be the end?
Will I ever see you again?

I'm drowning, drowning,
In this sea of people.
I can't get up for air,
So I'm falling, falling,
Away into nothingness.

Everyone is here with me,
But I am still,
All Alone.

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