February 10, 2009
By Anonymous

I wander through the mountains,
Up them and back down,
Over their vast feet,
That join them to the ground.

I ascend their legs,
The sun peeks through the clouds.
I can feel the mountain smile,
As it is warmed by the light.

I meander up the mountain,
To a special place I found.
It's peaceful and calm,
I sit down and relax.

The mountain plays me a song.
The rush of a waterfall,
The calls of birds,
The echo of my voice as I sing along.

I leave the special spot,
Resume my journey,
Along the mighty shoulders of the mountain,
Every step closer to the top.

I'm still working my way up,
Soon I'm leaving my footprints,
In the soft snow blanketing the mountain's head.
I've madit to the top.

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