Confessions of a Lovestruck Middle Schooler

February 10, 2009
By Andrew Bryan BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
Andrew Bryan BRONZE, Frederick, Maryland
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I might've said we were perfect
Maybe even meant to be
But I still remember that one day
That you ended you and me

Maybe I could've tried harder
I tried to give you a hand to hold
Maybe been a little more caring
I never thought you would be so cold

I still remember that one day
When you made up all of those lies
We said together forever
I think of all the times I've cried

I never got to see you that day
I just broke down and cried
I had no chance to say anything
I never got to say 'good bye'

I think of you as I write this
And I remember some of the good times
But the bad are a bit stronger
It's hard now not to be shy

I can't believe how far we made it
But I think we could've done better
We had one thing that described us
'never say never'

I'm sure that as you're reading this
You think that I'm obsessed
But I could write about you forever
Because I have a lot more to confess

Its been a pretty long time since then
Its been way over a year
But I cannot seen to get over you
And every day I shed more tears

The day after you told me
I thought I had no reason to live
But I remembered all we had
And all life had to give

Every day I wake up hoping it was a bad dream
But when I find out you've found another
I just can't help but scream
For every day I suffer

Notice I haven't said a name
But everyone thinks they know who this is about
One person comes to their mind
And I just want to shout it out

This poem could go on forever
I've found it easier to write
Than just go on ignoring myself
When I do I feel like dynamite

You must think that I've gone one for awhile
I'm sure you've inferred some things
But when I write these stupid poems
You'll find out that my soul sings

There were some things I never told you
Because I never wanted to hurt you so
So I kept a lot to myself
Except what I couldn't let go

The first time I made you cry
I began to think and think
Our relationship is over
Our boat began to sink

Maybe if I was such and idiot
Been so much more like your friend
We could've done a lot better
Maybe made it till' the end

All of the things I thought
All of the things I have done
I should've thought a little harder about
The weight on my shoulders was a ton

I had a pretty good time
You have to admit it was fun being 'us'
I wish we could do it again sometime
We just need a little more trust

To leave you behind is impossible
It's something that can't be done
Something that I have tried hard to do
A battle that will never be won

She had such an influence on my life
Some good and some bad
But that's all over now
You threw away all we had

I almost had you again
I messed up somewhere along the way
But I knew if I did start all over
There would be a price to pay

You know already that I care about her
And that my whole life has been a blur
But I still have the same the same thing on my mind
But I know I don't love her

I say this for many reasons
One of them is because I'm not obsessed
But the other is more complicated
And I don't want to get into that mess

Seasons have changed
But they seem to have more effect
Every year they're going faster Like a slow motion car wreck

I'm starting to feel different
As I write this stupid thing
It takes me awhile to notice
But then it hits me like a bee sting

'why do I do this to myself?'
I cannot take it anymore
Its making me feel sick
I'm a state of war

I'm free falling
I am coming closer to the ground
But I can find my way back up
My life is 'Lost and Found'

Valentines Day is soon
But I guess I will be alone
While everyone else is happy
Ill just sit at home

I find that I reflect on things
Something I do every day
I can't reflect on us
We always found a way

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