Our World

February 10, 2009

You turn on the TV and what do you see?
Another bomb in Iraq, another hurricane in the Caribbean Sea.
Children are dying, houses are flooded.
People just stare, all of them cold-blooded.

Another fire in California, another tsunami swept the coast of Bali.
Another attack in India, another dead child in Mali.
While you stare at the screen and eat your food,
Isn't your feast a little bit rude?

Breaking news announce the civil war in Sudan.
Tell me, Presidents, Ministers, what is your plan?
'Free Tibet' banners are burned on the beach.
Tell me, what happened to the freedom of speech?

Radars will be put in Poland and the Czech Republic,
Dear officials, do you care to know the opinion of the public?
Cuban news try to hide distress
Whatever happened to the freedom of press?

The world is dying, poverty on every street,
Yet you walk around with Gucci on your feet.
People have no food or water,
Every second a mother loses a daughter.

As the deadly clock ticks by
People around the world die.
How can you sleep knowing your aid
Could've saved another person from Death's blade'?

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