It's only fair

February 10, 2009
By im4krisallen SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
im4krisallen SILVER, Bradenton, Florida
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Its not fair to leave the one you loved
Its not fair that your parents choose who you have to go out with
Its not fair that I'm now single alone, sad, upset

It's only fair my mom said
It's only fair that we like who you like my mom continued

It's only fair my dad said
It's only fair that we'll feel comfortable with the guy you like

It's only fair I said
It's only fair that I can go out with the guy and love him to pieces

But now I can't love him
He's going out with someone else
And I am upset,alone, single and don't feel like myself
I felt like myself with the guy I loved

It's only fair I murmmered

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