February 10, 2009
By LauraGene Mackling GOLD, Emerson, Nebraska
LauraGene Mackling GOLD, Emerson, Nebraska
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All I did was care.
Hoping to make a difference.
But what did I get?
A bunch of lies,
feelings that were hurt,
memories that were shattered at my feet.
A feeling of loss that no one can understand.

You shared the same pains and feelings to,
but you try to hide it with a simple smile.
You try to move on, but you can't and
all you do is rot away in your own pain.

Now I sit here knowing that I will do better.
But yet I still earn for what we shared and what we had.
But I know that things don't last for forever.
Now I can put a smile on my face,
feel great about the days to some,
and live everyday like it's the last.

You are sharing the same pains and feelings to,
but you try to hide it even more but,
now you have the smell of whiskey on your breath,
and all you do is rot away in your pain.

I have moved on and am happy.
I still at times wish that things could be different,
but they are not.

Now you take every inch of energy that is still within' you,
and look into the past and see what you did.
You beat yourself up,
and try to end your life.

I am now unhappy,
And earn and cry for you more than ever.
I visit you everyday,
Hoping to see improvement in you.
I tell you with the whiskey on my breath,
Don't leave me.

Now you rise above all the hurt and the pain.
You come back to me in one piece.
Now we try to work things out.
Hoping to last for forever.

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Sarcasm said...
on Mar. 2 2009 at 10:26 pm
Very Creative and also nice twist. I've read a lot of your poems, and I think you've got amazing potential. you've got more creativity in your right index finger than I'll ever have. If You keep this up you could become famous one day!!!

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