February 10, 2009
By LauraGene Mackling GOLD, Emerson, Nebraska
LauraGene Mackling GOLD, Emerson, Nebraska
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I was brought into this world,
having no way knowing what was in store.
Hurt and sorrow,
laughter and tears,
along with fear and distrust,
which came in such great numbers,
it felt like the world was coming to an end.

I have loved and lost.
Tried to start over,
but it is never easy.
It feels as if I'm on a roller coaster that has fallen of its tracks.
Or in a car that has crashed when speeding down the highway.
Out of all that is happened, I know that I will be ok.

Now I see the reason why I was brought into this world:
To see what life is really about.
Make a new path for my family and me.
And to show what we are really about.

Now I will only experience the hurt and sorrow when it affects me the most.
I will not bear the weight of the world on my shoulders.
I will shed laughter and tears whenever I please and show my true feelings.
And I will scare the fear and distrust away.
Now it doesn't feel as if the world is coming to an end.

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