February 10, 2009
By Farah Chalisa BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
Farah Chalisa BRONZE, Naperville, Illinois
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The world is a weapon

when we were first born, the world seemed beautiful
the world seemed perfect, flawless
then as we grew up, we saw that the things that
made our world so flawless, made it a weapon as well.
eventually we came to a point in life
where nothing was beautiful anymore
and everything seemed more like a weapon

when God first created us, he gave us two hands,
two hands, to help eachother up when we fall
the hands which now puch eachother down
in the first place

when God first created us, he gave us two eyes
two eyes, to always see the best in eachother
now we use them to see the worst,
only to ruin the best

when God first created us, he gave us a heart
a heart, so we could do what was best, know
what was best; an indestructable force.
now how many of these hearts have we broken?

what would God think now?

throughout the lifetime of the world
He's given us many more chances
but we've taken them all forgranted,
and abused them

He gave us alcohol, to clean, and cure wounds
we use alcohol to create wounds that are permanent

He gave us pills, medicine, to help relive our pain
how many of us use these pills to harm ourselves,
or to relieve ourselves, and be harmed in the process?

He gave us herbs, plants, to help our bodies
now we just call them drugs. and all they do is kill those same bodies

He gave us knives, scissors, to make life easier
to cut through things when our bodies don't have enough strength.
we use these as weapons against the body they were to protect

now can you argue when i say,
we've turned this world into a weapon?
...i thought not..

thats why i think its better to never grow up
you'd never see the world for what it really is
what its become; you'd be oblivious forever
you'd still think the world was beautiful.

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on Feb. 24 2009 at 3:34 am
I absolutely LOVE this poem, not because it seems negative throughout the entire thing, but because everything said is true; and truth hurts. I admire her and how as just a teenager she's able to spot the flaws of the world within one poem. GOOD JOB FARAH! =]

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