A How To: The Safest Way To Love

February 9, 2009
By Mgonz113 BRONZE, Newtown, Connecticut
Mgonz113 BRONZE, Newtown, Connecticut
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it is essential to wear your heart on your sleeve
clearly in this fast paced rat race
nobody genuinely cares
about anything but your name, and preference
it is completely necessary to be hurt
unsightly scars flourish like beauty marks
and they'll make you more alluring
it is vitally important
to swear on the promise to sacrifice your life
for the smooth skin and well being of your lover
especially if they claim to be a hopeless romantic
your love must be passionate, and spontaneous
to ensure the illusion of being 'the one'
thorns must be torn off every blood-petaled rose
because the real thorn is in your manipulative hand
stay close in touch
but far in soul
and you will hold the hearts
of all the willing world
and every divorcee and widower

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