February 9, 2009
By Mgonz113 BRONZE, Newtown, Connecticut
Mgonz113 BRONZE, Newtown, Connecticut
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i am a beautiful vase
filled with flowers incased
in sparkling water
and i say i am beautiful
because i am really hoping you think so
but a vase isn't beautiful alone
and a vase doesn't stand well all on it's own
so i think of things that stand stable
and the pencil in my mind draws a sketch of a table
i say, hey that must be what you are
smart and functional
sturdy and punctual
and where better to put a vase, than a table
it's like two puzzle pieces
and we're very capable
of putting them together, of putting us together
i'm sensing a theme, in this dining room scene
and we could be serene, we could be
you would keep us safe inside your heart
and the clock on your wall would tell us
we had all the time in the world
and the bigger things in life would laugh at us
because i am a beautiful vase
and you could be the table that holds me up
and holds me close

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