February 9, 2009
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I'm lost in my own mind,
Running around in circles.
There are no exits, no escape,
Only reality live here.

I run from the shadow,
But it's always right there.
It stalks my every move,
There, nothing is a secret.

I try to rationalize,
The shadow lives insde me,
It is who I am, stubborn.

In this world of mine,
There's no replay, no rewind.
My mind can only go forward,
This is why, reality is my worst fear.

Is there not a place for me,
No where I can run.
But here, there are no exits,
This never-ending maze.

My heart races, faster and faster,
My ears begin to ring.
My whole body begins to ache,
But oddly it's so very comforting.

This is where I belong,
My Life.
My Comfort Zone.
This is my place.

No one can take that away,
It's my mind.
It's always there, listening

This is my world.
I must,

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