February 9, 2009
By taylorrr GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
taylorrr GOLD, Fremont, Nebraska
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Favorite Quote:
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

The bite of the fangs
Injection of the poison.
Becoming the monster
It's the monster I dream of.

The pounding of my heart increasing
Blood in my veins stop.
Muscles in my knees weak
The kiss from his lips, cold.

The danger I face to be with him
Risk for my life is his.
Fear I should feel, but don't.
The warning I choose to ignore.

Never want to leave you
Always need you by my side.
Can't stop hearing your voice
Never leave me, stay forever.

Just bite me, let it inject
Let me become the monster I love.
Be the same as you
Just let me live forever with you.

The look in his eyes
Darkness hiding behind them.
Cold force held inside him
The love locked up within.

The amusement he sees in me
Secret surrounding him.
Tender kindness in his voice
The smell of him is paralyzing.

Freezing ice cold touch of the fingers
Passion in everyway he turns.
Confusion going on in his and my head
Freezing cold look on his beautiful face.

Lips against my neck
Shivers down my spine.
Pains in the tenderness of my stomach
Lips that quiver in fear of hurt.

Don't leave me
Love me forever.
Stay by my side
Don't hurt me.

Monsters can love forever.
So I can love a monster forever.

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