dear boy, dear, boy.

February 9, 2009
By Catherine Gabitan BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
Catherine Gabitan BRONZE, Coral Springs, Florida
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dear boy, let me in.
don't make me pay for their sins,
their naivete', their ignorance.
whose to say we're just happen chance?
in the end, destiny is circumstance.
dear boy, look at me.
if you'd let, i'd set your demons free.
i could teach you how to laugh,
how to sing, remove your mask,
cleanse your spirit. can you hear it?
the silence that invades our space,
gets you lost in society's maze.
slow down, life's not a race.
but redemption is, pick up the pace.
dear boy, you are much too late.
peter's thrown the keys away and locked the gate.
but if you want, take my hand.
there's no capacity quota in neverland.
we'll become pirates of dreams.
i'll sing clever requiems
and our books and music are all we need.
unfooled by rules and conceit.
dear, boy.

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