Only A Dream

February 9, 2009
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Only A Dream
I once had a dream that I was drowning
And all I could see was black.
My throat, burning like hot hot coals
And my lungs about to brust.
But then I see his face and his
mane of messy hair.
A ray of light appears and lifts me up for air
Looking towards the horizon,
Looking towards the shore,
I can not see who saved me
The one who did not ignore.
I'm sure I felt his hands in mine
I'm sure I felt his touch
I'm sure that I love this boy,
Though I don't know much.
I see him in my dreams,
Very late at night
So how come I don't see him when I'm in the light?
I know I may be young,
I know it's not my time
But when do I get my chance?
When will we kiss goodnight?

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