Pixie Dust

February 9, 2009
By Audrey Janner SILVER, Redlands, California
Audrey Janner SILVER, Redlands, California
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I close my eyes,
I wonder what's ahead
(how long does it take to get to Neverland?)
I know where to go,
(second star to the right),
know when to leap
(at the stroke of midnight).
I know I'm ready.

Though I don't know
how long it will take
(does time stop?)
or what it will look like,
(or do they live a little slower?)
I know that I can count on it
I know it will be beautiful.

Maybe it's pixie dust
maybe it's magic
(they said it didn't exist)
but I'll clap my hands
(it's time to believe)
I jump
(and fly away).
I know I will be happy.

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