Death and Daydreams

February 9, 2009
By EvalynReed BRONZE, Winnemucca, Nevada
EvalynReed BRONZE, Winnemucca, Nevada
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We all fade away
Darken to a shade of gray
Smear reality with a lie
Mix it in
Watch the sky
See your life float by
On a rainy wisp
Of a day with no clouds
Why didn't you say goodbye?
My tears were the rain
Washing the pavement
Clean of blood and hate
Yet memory leaves a stain
As black as night
But no one could see but me
And you stand waiting
With the knife to cut away
The pain and strife
We all fade away
Darken to a shade of gray
Gaze towards the starless horizon
Moon beams stab
With ice cold light
Glinting in your lifeless eyes
Narrowing the distance from your mark
The arrow shoots through my heart
Dead weight dropped in a lake
Never to return
Your poisonous kiss
Laying a black rose
By the wrong grave
You slowly pace away
Never knowing your mistake
You fade away
Darkening to a shade of gray

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