My Camilia

February 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Late in the sunset of the evening, when every insect has stopped squirming and every animal has stopped hunting, I will wander into the depths of the forest and lie down by the lilies. The sunshine is gone and the crisp midnight air will touch my lungs with a shock of excitement. I will venture to the outskirts of the woodlands and in the moonshine i will sleep. For I have no worries, just the bustiling of the woodpecker. Until the morning i shall never wake with any burden or apprehension. the smell of my Camilia is my comfort. Aqua avacodo, tangy orange, red rose, golden yellow, lilac violet, or any other color you have gazed upon is all in this one small flower. Camilia soothes your bothered soul, your wrentched mind, and your bodily strains, both color and taste are confined in my Camilia.

The author's comments:
When i wrote "My Camilia" it was a project for English. I was suppose to make up something magical, something that would help you. So i was thinking, what if there was a flower that was so beautiful and smelled so delightful that it made you completley relax? and so that is where "My Camilia" came from.

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