February 9, 2009
By Mark Cochrane BRONZE, Vienna, Virginia
Mark Cochrane BRONZE, Vienna, Virginia
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pry away your faux leather
i see
there's a place between decompression and decomposition
a point in null
in blank
not where i met you
but where you left
yes you

i bit my lip and bled on you
when my tears broke your skin
i heard it
yes you
you changed

the bitter taste of the catalyst
still lingering
still foul
shatter my chrysalis
i'm still numb
raw and bloody from the womb of self-hate

i couldn't hold my tongue
before i started to strangle
your life
i threaded your needle
and when i pierced my lungs
your heart got ripped
yes you

i held you close but compressed you
brought you down to my level
hurt myself so i could heal
but ignored you
admit it
i changed you

i was the poison in your throat
the venom that seeped out in your tears
i locked every door
whilst falling back to nothing
in null
in blank

i'm back at that point
crushed by gravity
my soul lit up like a cigarette
still trailing acrid smoke
and you yes you you're gone
the water on your hair long faded away
as i collect my scattered tears in a wishing well
yes you

i watched you change

The author's comments:
poetry for the broken-heart

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