The Honest Politician

February 9, 2009
An 'honest' politician
Spends hours combing his hair,
Applying his television make up,
And he adjusts his tie.

He eats expensive meals,
Everything on silver platters
Living an entire lifetime
Not knowing how to struggle.

This 'honest' politician
Says he understands
He understands our pain
So he'll raise our taxes.

He is a man so many admire
And will do anything to win
It's all just a game
And he has to come in first.

This 'honest' politician
Will soon take the stage
Putting on a show
Let's give him a hand.

He clears his throat
And lets the lies flow
He promises peace
And he promises change.

But as this 'honest' politician
Gives his closing words
I shake my head
And cannot help but think-

I'm proud to be an American.

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