What you don't actually see

February 9, 2009
As I pull up to school in my merecedes benz
my blonde hair down my back and chanel purse on my arm
in my lacoste polo and true religion jeans
don't forget my coach tennis shoes and chanel sunglasses to match my purse
you see labels you are quick to stereotype
some say fake, some say spoiled, some say selfish
but what you don't actually see is the most important thing
what matters the most
who I am

you don't see whats inside my heart
you don't take the time to learn that I have struggled with an eating disorder and have been hospitalized 3 times during highschool
you don't know that I still cry myself to sleep sometimes
and that I suffer from depression and a drug addiction
you don't see that I am scared to grow up because I don't feel like I am worthy of anything
you will never understand the struggles that I have been through
that is because you judge the outside
you don't care to learn what is truly inside my heart
you can't get past the car I drive or the clothes I wear

It's too bad that you don't take the time to get to know me
I might just surprise you
Appearance isn't everything so don't make it that way
Get to know me the real me
the inside beauty

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