In the eyes of a believer

February 9, 2009
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In the eyes of a believer everything is okay
Things may be hard but you will live to see another day
In the eyes of a believer the world is full of peace
life is too short to say the least
In the eyes of a believer love is a gift from above
to share our lives together when times get rough
the passion to live every day full out
the strength and courage to move on from your greatest fears
that the light at the end of the tunnel will someday appear
the love and devotion that everyone needs
the thought that no one really takes the time to see
the imperfections that we all seem to aquire
the fear that some things wont be okay
when we shouldn't be thinking about the future when we still have today
the hopes and dreams rivers of passions
it's like the whole oceans front is crashing
in the eyes of a believer we see a little bit of our reflection
The person who we really are inside yet to afraid to mention
the way we portray ourselves is not entirely us
the way it seems that being perfect is a must
the thoughts hopes and dreams
seem to make such an impact even as little as it seems
they shape the person we are and who we want to be
living life with happy and glee
these are the moments to enjoy
to live everday without having to say goodbye
in the eyes of a believer life is destiny
In the eyes of a believer i can finally see a clear road in front of me.

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