One boy and one note

February 9, 2009
By bianca harpel BRONZE, Alamo, California
bianca harpel BRONZE, Alamo, California
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Megan sits there in the back of first period on her first day of freshman year
a shadow to everyone around her
with her hand me down sweater and shoes her mom had picked up from the goodwill
she feels she doesn't belong
watching the bleached blonde cheerleaders talking to the boys
she thinks to herself: 'what is there to live for, i'll never be good enough here.'
after first period she heads to her second class
uncomfortable as can be, she feels as if she is invisible
praying to just get through the day

the day goes by slower than ever
finally she has one more class to go and is happy it will be over soon
last period is history in room 214
the only seat available is in the middle next to a boy wearing a school football jersey
his perfect curly brown hair and tall muscular figure almost makes her faint
she contemplates walking out the door and running away from school
but she can't. It's the first day of school
she clenches her fists to hide the nerves and walks to that very seat
as she sits down she is careful not to look at him
her emotions are running wild and she doesn't want to make a fool out of herself
so she sits silently waiting for the teacher to begin class

As time passes she sits staring at the teacher making sure to not look next to her at the boy
finally the class bell rings and she is relieved that it's over
she looks down at her desk and suddenly sees a note that had been dropped on her desk
someone must have put it there when she put her binder in her backpack
wondering if it's something mean about those shoes that mom got with a full day of pay that are old and starting to discolor she resists opening the note at first
but then the curiosity hits so she decides to opens it
inside it reads: ' Hi my name is jack, I don't know if you noticed me but I noticed you. Wasn't class boring? Well anyways I just thought i'd introduce myself because I'm sure we will be seeing alot of each-other this year. I will see you tomorrow. Sincerely, Jack'

PS. I thought your shoes were rad. where did you get them? :)

After she finished the note a smile started to appear on her face.
Suddenly her life didn't feel like such a waste of time.
she felt like she could conquer the world after that and was excited for the next day of school even if she had 5 periods before that 1 that would make her day worthwhile.

that year she gained confidence,became fearless ,and made many friends
she even scored her first boyfriend, whom was none other than jack
he loved and appreciated her for who she was and not just her clothes or high school rank
her whole world changed with just one piece of paper
one note, one class, and one boy was all it took to turn her life around

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