Blinking Lights

February 8, 2009
By Megan LIbrizzi SILVER, Park City, Utah
Megan LIbrizzi SILVER, Park City, Utah
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Blinking Lights
Snow is falling.
Falling at 400mph.
I can't see the ground beneath me
But I can see the blinking lights.

I am driving.
Snow is falling.
I cannot see the road in front of me
But I can see the blinking lights ahead.

Then it all stands still'

I am crashing.
Crashing into the blinking lights.
They are no longer mesmerizing
Only deadly.

The snow is falling.
But the color is no longer white.
It is stained with debris and blood.
Still the lights blink on.

Blinking lights carry me away.
They make me feel safe now.
Warm and happy
Warm and happy

I am waking.
Beep' Beep' Beep
More blinking lights
Shooting jagged lines on a black grid.

I need sleep.
I rest with the blinking lights
Watching over me while I rest.

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