Soft Winter Night

February 8, 2009
A soft winter night,
The rush of the wind taps at the window
longing to enter.
Fireplace crackling.
Your scent lingers from room to room.
Breathe in as you walk by,
Body tightens
You pass.
A sigh of passion erupts from my lips as i loosen up.
Your intoxicating aroma lures me in.
Following you,
Chickaboom chickaboom
Seems as if the wind has an adversary,
Someone else longs to enter.
Door opens,
Your escort for this evening has arrived.
We exchange smiles as you say bye.
The car pulls out of the drive.
Breathe in'
Thoughts run through my mind
There she goes again'
Breathe out
A sigh of defeat accompanies my breath as I speak...
With him!

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