February 8, 2009
By bluey SILVER, Barry, Other
bluey SILVER, Barry, Other
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As his eyes met mine my heart exploded
Everyone other person in the room faded away
His voice melodious re made my heart
Just for it to be tattooed with his name
His gorgeous glacier blue eyes looked confused
I was too busy resisting the urge to touch his golden locks to listen
My face inflamed with embarrassment boiled over
He repeated his question with a touch of mocking in his voice
As I watched his luscious lips glide elegantly around the words
I listened intently to each syllable
I replied yes as seductively as I could
As we both reached for the pencil our hands brushed
I felt the electricity between us
I laughed nervously trying not to ruin the moment
His eyes gazed at me intently
I tried to bite my lip inviting to be kissed
Our gaze became locked
He questioned whether I was free tomorrow night
'not sure' I retorted trying not to seem so eager
Looking a little deflated he told me about a party on tomorrow
The bell rang as the lesson ended
'see you around' he said as he winked
I applied a fixed smile
But inside I was screaming
A crystal ball was needed to prepare for the challenge ahead
My friends signalled to me
Looking shocked and making kissing noises
Nothing can be hidden from them
How would I explain?
Their advice never serious so I never showed how nervous I was
I made jokes about him
inside my heart beat faster, faster every time I said his name.
The night came the, dress on
I panicked sure there had been signals crossed somewhere
Why would he want me?
As I turned to leave a hand grabbed my shoulder
His dazzling smile rendered me helpless
As we talked all my angst melted away
He made me laugh like no one else
He ignored every other girl in the room
When I had to leave there was genuine sadness
His kiss made everything alright
As I knew he cared for me
The second kiss didn't worsen things either

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