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February 8, 2009
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I love it when I have the greens
Not the hyperactive I-wanna-go-climb-a-tree-just-for-the-heck-of-it greens
Or the damp don't-come-near-me-because-I'm-sick-and-contagious greens
Nor the shadowed I-am-mysterious-observant-and-antisocial-greens

Nah, I love the vibrant I-am-confident greens
The there-is-no-one-quite-like-me greens
The greens that remind that I am unique.

Right now, I have the greys
Not the soft I-am-fragile-and-pretty-like-a-dove greys
Or the rough I-am-tough-impenetrable-and-sure-of-myself greys
Nor the turbulent my-anger-is-about-to-be-released-as-lightening greys

Nah I've got the confused what-just-happened greys
The how-can-I-be-so-full-one-minute-and-empty-the-next-greys
The greys that do nothing but question.

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Inkspired said...
Oct. 1, 2009 at 6:13 pm
I LOVE THIS!! Amazing! Original, beautiful, meaningful, well-written, this poem strikes home!
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