Is it just me?

February 8, 2009
By Gayatri Iyer BRONZE, Indore, Other
Gayatri Iyer BRONZE, Indore, Other
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Is it just me?!?!

Or do you also remember our endless talks for many sleepless nights,
And our conversations which used to end up in silly love fights.
Do you miss the times when we held each other's hands?
Or the sunshine when we walked on rough sands.
Have you kept the poems I had written for you,
Or cherish the memories of our relationship which we thought was everlasting and true!
Do you remember the smile on my face whenever you were around?
And when I call out to you loud, do you hear faintest of the sound?
Do you miss me when you look at the twinkling stars in the sky?
Or sometimes desperately feel to give 'us' another try!
Do you ever look at the photos of us together and silently smile?
Or feel incomplete without having me in your life?
Do you lose track of time while blankly staring at the wall?
Or wait for long hours near the phone, expecting my call?
Do you ever listen to the songs you had dedicated to me under the mango tree?
And does this silence pain you as much as it pains me?
Do you ever miss playing with the locks of my hair?
Do you ever get lost in the crowd, hoping to find me somewhere?
Do you ever dream to see the sunset with me again?
Or long to curl up with me whenever it rains?
Do you ever wish to hold me tight on a windy weather?
Do you also pray every second for us to be together?

Or is it just me?

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