Death before life

February 8, 2009
By Gayatri Iyer BRONZE, Indore, Other
Gayatri Iyer BRONZE, Indore, Other
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There was once a beautiful girl to be born,
To be the world's princess, for the word to adorn.
She would have ruled the world with her charming smile,
To make everyone gawp and admire her unique style.
But her fate was pitiable and forlorn,
She had less of roses on her way and more of thorns.
Nobody wanted to have her in this world,
Her destiny slashed her dreams away, and her mind swirled.
She cried, she begged and she pleaded for mercy,
To let her be born to the deserving and the worthy.
She promised to be benevolent, and spread love everywhere,
To be helpful to the needy and shower them with care.
She would not let anyone down and fulfill everyone's dreams,
But nobody heard any of her pathetic screams.
She was hurt, broken, with all her dreams lost.
Fatigue got her and she had to exhaust.
As she struggled incessantly for her life, for her breath,
She had no other option, but face her death.
Soon she was in God's hands, feeling lonely and rejected,
God tried cheering her up, but she still felt neglected.
She glanced at god's eyes and began to weep,
Her eyes were red and she cried herself to sleep.
Why did nobody want to have such an angel?
Who was confident, charming, loving and able.
Being a girl was a boon and not her fault,
Then why did she have face such kind of assault?
Nobody got to understand her worth,
She was brutally killed before her birth.
She could have been someone's destiny, somebody's life,
If only she could have had a chance to survive.

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