Curiousity Kills

February 8, 2009
By Nicole Giles BRONZE, Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Nicole Giles BRONZE, Myrtle Creek, Oregon
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Curiosity Kills

His life together, but wants a change,
How might temptation make his life rearrange.
He's completely clear, until she makes him blurred,
He thinks she's happy, how can he be so assured.
She believes in what she possess,
Normally she just makes her happiness into messes.
She wonders if he would make her heart lighter,
By seeing his smile, her day becomes brighter.
He wishes her something great,
The boy she's with, he knows isn't her fate.
He wants to scream but must stay silent,
His mind so full, his heart bent violent.
She stares from the corner of her eye,
She looks back her heart bidden lie.
She wants to jump but must stay still,
Undecided her curiosity kills.
They made up their minds, as the story told,
Will their passion for each other soon unfold.
Unsure if they're wrong, but they're doing the right thing,
The thrill over, they wait for what the future may bring.

For: C.N.L.W.

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