The Previews Were Never Good

February 8, 2009
By Jamie Shulman BRONZE, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
Jamie Shulman BRONZE, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey
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The previews were never good,
I never did comprehend.
Why it was always me alone in the end.
You still linger in my life, when do I cut the string?
Why does every conversation end in a sting?
Why do I smile when I want to cry?
Why does all happiness have to die?
I look in your eyes and all I feel is sorrow.
But I know I'll do that same thing tomorrow.
I'll make small talk and pretend it's no big deal,
But how can one person continue to take a person's breath and steal
The guilt and the shame will forever stay.
But I though I had locked it all away.
No reason or rhyme it's just how it must be,
I just wish I knew why I couldn't flee.
I can't think of one reason why I need to talk to you this way.
But I know I have to, what else is there to say?
What if there were no questions it were just do or die
Would I still listen to those songs and would I sill cry?
Is it because I want to help you, or is it more for me?
I could make up answers to both, but which is truthfully?
Do I lie to myself to make it easier in the end?
But realize way too late it's not simple to pretend.
Memories played over and over like a movie that won't close
When the credits come up what will be the ending?
Well G-d only knows.

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