should I why

February 8, 2009
By ladybug SILVER, Highland, Illinois
ladybug SILVER, Highland, Illinois
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Should i go, should I leave, why do you play in the leaves, why do ,stay and not leave, may be someone or something is keeping you for leaveing maybe someone is not but you don't go you will even know, you may think they will be sad or even happy how do you know If you stay you will be safe and have a place to live but you will not have freedom you will be locked in a cage unfree BROKEN but if you leave your unsafe no place to live but you will have freedom tjat cage door will open but you will have to choose what you do should I stay, should I leave, why do you play in the leaves some people may ask, you say because I am free but I am safe the cage door is open but it may close at a time, but the person with the key is just trying to kill you, maybe, save you, maybe, the words to open the door is I'M SORRY, but you have to CHOOSE

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