February 8, 2009
By Ashlee Fern BRONZE, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Ashlee Fern BRONZE, Bridgeport, Connecticut
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There's a guy waiting at the door
Staring at his phone
He's looking down at it
He looks familiar and not at the same time

Who is this guy? Who is he waiting for?
Black hat and blond hair
Black suit and black shoes
Who is he?

Slowly lifting his head
He looks up, at me
At first I don't notice
Then he walks over, I watch thinking he is going to someone else
But then I realize he is walking right toward me.

Looking around, seeing people chatting and talking
No one seems to notice
Then finally he is a foot away
Then just then I recognize him
I know who he is

He comes closer now
I whisper his name
He nods, I am about to ask questions
But he puts a finger to my lips

Taking my hand he leads me away
He brings me outside to the balcony
I look around he's nowhere to be found
Thinking it must have been a dream

I look out on to the water and then turn to go back
As I start to walk he catches my hand
I look up and see him
We both smile'

He pulls out a dark red rose
And pins it in my hair
The music starts to play again
And he asks for a dance

I look into his eyes, searching
He looks away; I look down at my feet
I am ready to let go of his hand
When he takes the other
And we start to dance
All of it feeling like a dream

Sometime later we stop and walk
Both ready with questions to ask
But neither one wanting to start
Enjoying the midnight moon and the stars in the sky

He stops, and looks out across the water
He puts his hands on the rail of the bridge
Standing in the middle thinking'
Looking at the water as well

He turns around and leans against the rail
I look at him, our eyes lock
A tear falls down my face
I turn around and lean on the rail behind me

I hear his steps, I close my eyes
Then I hear him no more
My mind is spinning, what happened? Where did he go?
Did he leave?

My eyes now filled with tears
I turn around to tell him, 'Not again'
But when I turn to tell him he's not there
Then I feel a hand on my shoulder

I turn, I start to speak
I try to tell him
He takes my hand and pulls me closer
I look at my feet, tears in my eyes

I feel him staring at me, I look up
His eyes looking at me with deep concern
He takes his hand brushes my tears away

Our eyes lock
Hand in hand
Finally our lips meet
A tear runs down my cheek again

After I look down
I try to pull my hands away
But he doesn't let go, he holds them tight
I look up with fresh tears running down my face
I start to speak but he puts a finger to my lips

Then looking into my eyes
He whispers'
'I love you, I won't leave you'
Once again we rejoin with a kiss

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