The Reflection of a Stranger

February 7, 2009
By rainyday93 GOLD, Bedford, New York
rainyday93 GOLD, Bedford, New York
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I stood there
Naked in the dark
Listening to the heating water
Pounding against the shower floor
My toes curled against the cool tiles
I stared into the face of a stranger
My reflection held the same blue eyes
The same knotty hair and bruised knees
But there was something different
There was a stale yet unfamiliar taste
That zealously stung my taste buds
A taste the girl in the mirror did not share
Not wanting to face her anymore
I stepped into the shower
The water burned slightly
But I did not change the temperature
I stepped directly beneath the shower-head
The water blasted over my eyes
I closed them
The water pounded carelessly down my back
I let it
I wished the water would wipe away
All the regrets and broken dreams
I washed my hair
Letting the bubbles trickle down my neck
When I was done and dry
I returned to the mirror to see if anything had changed
My hair looked cleaner as it cascaded down my back
But the bruises on my knees and the tiny tears in my heart
From broken families and broken friendships
I turned back on the lights
And slipped on my towel
I decided to try sleeping
Perhaps I would wake up to see
A familiar face staring back at me

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