February 7, 2009
By Sam Jonesi SILVER, Grain Valley, Missouri
Sam Jonesi SILVER, Grain Valley, Missouri
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They look at my Faith and sneer:
"Why hasn't your precious God ever appeared?"
They say there is no proof.
I say not all things need evidence to be truth.
They say there is no King,
For science can explain everything.
I respond: "What happens to you after you die?"
Six feet under do you lie?
As you stare out Death's inevitable door
Remember that there is an eternity forevermore.
They wonder why my Faith persists
I ask, "What is it like to not exist?"
Is it all black or all white?
If you were to die tomorrow, would you feel alright?
Nonbelievers! Wipe that smug look off your face!
For we must all leave this earthly place.
There will come a time when you must leave here.
Never on Earth shall you ever appear.
I am ready, for I have nothing to fear.

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