Little Stars of Hope

February 7, 2009
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Every night I would dream the same dream
And everyday I would live the same nightmare
Each day I would stare at the path before me
And tread down the cold stones beneath me
And at night I would wish myself away
To a place where I could laugh without thought
And smile because I wanted to

You were the lantern that lit my way
But the wind blew you out
Leaving me behind in the bitterness
And prey for shadows that daunt me
And soon I was numb, moving along blindly
Without seeing, feeling, living

You were the sun, leading me from east to west
And because of you, I always knew
Where to go, that you would be beside me
To take me in your arms, we were binded like no other
But soon light turned dark
And an eternal night hung in autumn air
Leaving me to grope in the darkness
Looking for which I had lost

I felt like cracked glass
Barely holding myself together
That at any moment I would fall apart
And not be able to piece myself together again
I was so afraid to breath
So afraid to live, and soon all the color drained away
Leaving the world penned in black and white

Silvery memories floated from the moon
Their hands reached out to mine
Guiding me along through the darkness
Entrusting myself to them, I started to walk
And they swept me away
Down the long endless road that lay ahead
They opened my eyes, these enchanted ghosts
The people that once held a place in my heart

And slowly I saw the stars appear
Giving me the hope to keep moving
To place one foot in front of another
They were the tiny candles that warmed me
And soon I could feel, and I let those who cared in
My dreams turned to life
The nightmares were locked away

And since your fire ceased
I do not burn anymore
Yet I know that if I follow these stars of hope
One day I?ll see the dawn of a new day
And that I will live like I never did before
That the piece of me that is still
Wandering the realms of this time
Will return to me in any shape or form

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