February 6, 2009
By Miranda Anderson SILVER, Redmond, Washington
Miranda Anderson SILVER, Redmond, Washington
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If you wanted me to I could take you away
Away from all the drama
Away from the traitors
Away from the filth and trash that we call people
And I could make you forget
Forget that people don't like you
That people don't want to be with you
That you feel alone
I could make you happier then you ever were before
I know you need to get away from it all
We all do
But nobody wants to help
That's where I come in
I've been there before and I know how lonely it gets
I know that you're looking for a way out of it all
And that you're afraid of what might happen next
I know how it hurts when people make assumptions about you
I know how it feels when you're made fun of
I could take you away from it all
And make you feel whole

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