A Hidden Rage

February 6, 2009
By Cleveland BRONZE, Salters, South Carolina
Cleveland BRONZE, Salters, South Carolina
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"A Hidden Rage"

The impulse to return the screaming and shouting
anger blocking all since of judgment hiding that which is right
behind all that i badly long to do, to say

She escalates the fact far past its limits taking all
calmness from the moment convicting everyone for
harshly something grand

The small voice crys out, wanting its pleas to be heard
but silenced by fears of consequential nerve
diagnostic lust for power and control

light flashes-nature roars expressing
the extent of my passion my fury
containing the strength to command Earth's current

fear my glance, embrace my pain, or
feel my wrath. the overwhelming silence of
sound is all of the restraint blocking my limits

the instance of gathering that of which poisons
my faith, possesses all free will, releases
the inhibitions concealed by steel will free my rage

.....in a day where all will see

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