My Fair Lady

February 6, 2009
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A dreary night of happy light
I pondered at my isolation
For across a lengthy table
Did I sit, an empty shell

And across me found my shady
Christmas eve a figure dreary
Formed of thoughts grown more unstable;
Torments of my glowing hell

As the lights did flicker, bright
Forth came one impersonation
Descending down from 'neath the gable
While I sat, awaiting tell

And the cold, dark somber lady
Palms extended, frail and weary
Yet with grace; as much as able
Glided down to set a spell

Then she clasped a hand to mine
To her I glanced, morose
Her eyes, reflecting brilliant shine
Reflected, too, my harried ghost

And then our souls did intertwine
Her presence filled the room
The bleakness of my dark confine
Burst outward, shattering the gloom

Then came an eternal moment
Where we danced above the ground
Floating, blissful, o'er the sable
Twilight of my room unwell

Embodying my every passion
Flowing trough my every vein
Bound to me like loves of fable
Romance 'round us once more fell

Then my love I went to foment
As my heart swelled, joy abound
Then all at once before the table
Perched was I as dark befell

Then the figure, once more ashen
Turned as did our contact wane
Casting taught our twine'ed cable
Pealing as a tolling bell

Then did her form disappear
I, returned to haze
Wildly wishing for a clear
Explaining of my lonely daze

Turned then the room to black of pitch
Extinguishing my light
And in the dark I cursed the witch
Who once my world made bright

I cursed the witch!
That wretched evil vile cur!
My every breathing notion of perfection!

My life was rich!
'Twas only beautiful with her!
Stare I now not at her but my reflection!

The demon snake!
Who permeates my dreams of hope!
Who vanished with the coming of the morn!

I lie awake
And dream of days I did not mope
When she was I, and our love newly born!

Still, here I sit
Dining here with reminisce
Living here with thoughts of your betrayal

The candles lit
Tears flying from my face to this:
A portrait 'fore you left your thriving vale

'And so you died;
Perished quite before our time
And so you betrayed me, leaving me in spite

Well now I ride
And you can not prevent the rime
As I do freeze in dark to meet with thee tonight

A dreary night of happy light
I pondered at my isolation
For across a lengthy table
Did I die, an empty shell

As the lights did flicker, bright
Forth came my impersonation
Ascending upwards, toward the gable
Where she bides, awaiting tell.

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