February 6, 2009
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A final thought as I retire
To bathe in glorious sleep
Will, as I nod, I dream of fire
Or count fence-hopping sheep?

Perhaps, perhaps, I won't dream at all
Opting instead for silence
And static peace, as then I fall
To dreams devoid of violence

But maybe still I'll live a dream
Where we will reunite
And from it glorious love will flow
And on my soul, alight.

Oh, joy! What wound'rous bliss 'twill be
When you and I are bound
In sight I can not truly see
Whilst hearing not a sound

For as I said, a dream it is
Despite how I may pray
For I am mine, and you are his
And so it is with day

But now, I sleep! 'Fraid not to dream
Of blissful times with thee
For though 'tis but a fading stream
Of loving memory

And as fake as it does exist
I'll hold it to my heart
And let the love I feel persist
While reality may smart

For truth be told, I love to dream
Real things are often sad
And real things often my heart ream


I am only ever glad
In dreams that I have had

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