She was HERE

February 6, 2009
By Rebecca Moretti Moretti BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
Rebecca Moretti Moretti BRONZE, Los Angeles, California
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Pale and slim,
she sits at the piano
her long soft fingers move gracefully across the keys
as her feelings echo through the room
and the world fills with music
sweet music, the breath in her
painful music, the soundtrack of my life
and there for hours she
lets the music take her
to a different place
and then she is gone
and all that is left is the fain buzz of the hot piano
and a writing on the wall saying
i was HERE
here alive in this world
but now im gone
and what was left of my youth
of the music
lies sealed in that room
for no one to find
so she is gone
but she was HERE
when nothing makes sense,
the world is more clear

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