February 6, 2009
By [Poet]. BRONZE, Belleville, Illinois
[Poet]. BRONZE, Belleville, Illinois
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Man this must be how it feels.
Cause when I open my eyes
Man it don't seem real
Man I must have some kind of luck
If i'm Dreaming,
Then I gotta say
"Please don't wake me up"
Eyes closed...
Then I can't see myself
Go through pain
If i'm Dreaming
Then I can't live my life through the rain...
I closed my eyes and a Dream...
I see another...
I know that it's a Dream, because I see my litle Brother..(R.I.P.)
No Stress
No Hating
No Lies
I must be balling in my Dreams Cause I feel so fly
Something like Kanye, cause I'm so sky high
I like hiding in my Dreams cause you can't me cry
Asking my daddy in a Dream
'Why you have to die?'
My dad told his little queen "we'll never know why"
Meeting you man,
I'm happy
Cause I love you
So it seems...
I closed my eyes and I said
Let it flow like a Dream...
Dreams do come true,
That's what I believe in...
I guess it seems then,
man I might be...

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